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For you and your family, the COALITION is ONE PLACE to contact when you have questions. We know the people and organizations that support people with disabilities. We can connect you with resources that will help you reach your goals.

We support all people being as independent as possible and being taxpayers and full members of society. We support people with disabilities having the same opportunities and the same freedoms that all citizens enjoy.

We provide training in:

Self Advocacy - Some of us need to find ways to speak up for ourselves. Coalition partners help people learn advocacy skills that they can use in representing themselves or in helping others.

Legislative Process - Talking to our legislators and knowing about legislation is important if we are to help shape laws that help all people. We can show you how the process works and how you can add your voice to the conversation.

Disability Etiquette - What's the right way to talk to and about people with disability? How do you know if you might help or hinder someone? We can answer your questions and give you some simple guidelines.

People First Language - For way too long we've identified people by what disability they have. It's important to remember that we are all people first. Learning this way of speaking about and to people with disabilities is respectful and it can open doors to real conversation. We help people learn it and the power of language to change lives!

Americans with Disabilities Act - The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) was passed so that ALL of us can live in a barrier-free environment. What does it really say and what do we need to do so that we are in compliance? We provide workshops for anyone on the ADA.

HAVA - The Help America Vote Act was passed so that every American can cast his or her ballot independently and in private. We've made progress, but there is still work to do. We help government and citizens learn what HAVA is about and how to implement it.

Coalition Building - How can you find others with interests and needs like yours? Who do you turn to when you need help, or advice, or just someone to talk with? We can help you identify a network of support.

For your organization or business, the COALITION is ONE PLACE to contact when you have questions. It's good business to employ people with disabilities, and we can connect you with resources to help you achieve a diversified workforce. It's good business to be accessible to all. People with disabilities have over $220 Billion in Discretionary Spending Power.

We can HELP you broaden your customer base by evaluating your facilities for accessibility, training your employees on effective ways to serve customers with disabilities, linking you to cost effective resources for modifications, and providing technical assistance to support you reaching out to all customers.

We provide training in:

Americans with Disabilities Act

Welcoming All Customers - How does a business welcome customers with disabilities? How can you make your services and facilities more accessible to all? We can provide staff training on disability etiquette. We can complete facilities reviews and provide you with recommendations on how to improve access to your services and facility.

Technical Assistance - We provide information and training on a host of disability related laws and regulations.

People First Language

Informational Booths at conferences - We'll come and set up a booth information with your employees, colleagues, and customers.

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